More Ways to Make Your Expandable Water Hose Last Longer

Expandable water hose is a must-have tool for your garden, lawn, washing your pets and cleaning your car. It is very flexible, light-weight and can extend to five times its original length. Since it had been designed to have dual tubing layers, the expandable hose could not compare to the straightforward tubing design of any […]

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How to Take Care of Your Expandable Water Hose

An Expandable water hose is not as tough or as durable compared to standard hoses. This type of hose are lighter and are designed for non- heavy tasks. Depending on the quality of the expandable hose it may last months and maybe over a year. Unfortunately not all hose are created equal. There are some […]

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The Best Hose for Your Home and Commercial Use

Many expandable water hoses are available everywhere today and claim to be the best hose among countless others. But how do you know it really is the best? Which product would you choose when you decide to change that old, heavy, bulky water hose of yours? This article will give you information on one of […]

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78Seven’s Expandable Hose: A User Review

Is the new gardening tool, the expandable hose, a must-have for homeowners? Homeowners usually require the aid of a water hose for their chores, like washing the car and watering the plants. But using the normal garden hose for these tasks is actually a lot of work. Imagine carrying the heavy and bulky hose from […]

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Looking for The Best Expandable Garden Hose?

If you are a keen gardener, then you will be interested in finding out where you can buy the best expandable garden hose.  These expandable hoses, which offer a range of benefits over traditional hoses, can be found online at 78Seven Brand. Summer is Coming With summer on the horizon, people’s thoughts are turning to […]

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