More Ways to Make Your Expandable Water Hose Last Longer

Expandable water hose is a must-have tool for your garden, lawn, washing your pets and cleaning your car. It is very flexible, light-weight and can extend to five times its original length. Since it had been designed to have dual tubing layers, the expandable hose could not compare to the straightforward tubing design of any […]

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How to Take Care of Your Expandable Water Hose

An Expandable water hose is not as tough or as durable compared to standard hoses. This type of hose are lighter and are designed for non- heavy tasks. Depending on the quality of the expandable hose it may last months and maybe over a year. Unfortunately not all hose are created equal. There are some […]

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The Best Expandable Garden Hose in Detail

Ever since the introduction of the ground breaking gardening hose, people have been in search of the best expandable garden hose there is. There have been many versions of this popular creation from numerous manufacturers. And consumers wanting to try it are in a dilemma with what expanding hose to purchase. The 78seven Brands’ expandable […]

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FAQs on the Popular Expandable Garden Hose

The popularity of the expandable garden hose has reached far and wide. And seeing it on TV shopping channels has help people acknowledge this fairly new innovative garden tool. Many are quite welcoming with this addition to their gardening tools. But some are a bit skeptical. If you are curious, interested or just want to […]

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The Flexible Garden Hose – The as Seen on TV Hose

The increasing popularity of  the flexible garden hose for use in the garden is testament to how efficient and useful these hoses can be. Gardeners everywhere will testify to how easy and convenient they are to use, due to their lightweight construction materials, their flexibility and how small they are when not filled with water, allowing […]

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