Silicone Measuring Cup


  • HIGH END set. Can be used for industrial, laboratory and chemical or chemistry use, or home cooking uses such as measuring and serving pie, mixing cake batter or grilling your favorite barbeque foods. STRONG material is great for holders of everything from pizza to fish.
  • PERFECTLY curved and contoured for easy grip to help you be the best chef you can be. TERRIFIC for mixing or grill because each piece is long and straight. GOOD in combination with a general spreader or for measuring out frosting and serving brownies or cookies and bbq too.
  • LIGHT to handle and angled to cook easily and for mixing things such as brownie and cake batter. BETTER than plastic, stainless steel or wooden sets. PERFECT for your favorite holiday!
  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL. Kitchen set helps you make the art you always wanted to make, especially for the holidays. Can be used in place of any type of set and related attachment type devices. One of the best sets you will find.
  • TOP set for this GREAT PRICE. BUY NOW and SAVE!


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