Garden Hose as Seen on TV

For gardeners of all abilities, one essential tool for the maintenance of the garden is the expandable garden hose as seen on tv.  The flexible water hose, lightweight in design and easily stored due to its structure, is available at a variety of outlets, with 78Seven Brand having a range of different sizes available on […]

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The Best Expanding Hose

For those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional roll-up garden hose, the garden hose expandable might be the best expanding hose to choose. These hoses have the advantage of being 5 x lighter than their counterparts, as well as being significantly smaller when empty, making them much easier to store.  With these […]

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The Flexible Garden Hose – The as Seen on TV Hose

The increasing popularity of  the flexible garden hose for use in the garden is testament to how efficient and useful these hoses can be. Gardeners everywhere will testify to how easy and convenient they are to use, due to their lightweight construction materials, their flexibility and how small they are when not filled with water, allowing […]

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Looking for The Best Expandable Garden Hose?

If you are a keen gardener, then you will be interested in finding out where you can buy the best expandable garden hose.  These expandable hoses, which offer a range of benefits over traditional hoses, can be found online at 78Seven Brand. Summer is Coming With summer on the horizon, people’s thoughts are turning to […]

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