The Best Hose for Your Home and Commercial Use

Many expandable water hoses are available everywhere today and claim to be the best hose among countless others. But how do you know it really is the best? Which product would you choose when you decide to change that old, heavy, bulky water hose of yours? This article will give you information on one of […]

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The Best Expandable Garden Hose in Detail

Ever since the introduction of the ground breaking gardening hose, people have been in search of the best expandable garden hose there is. There have been many versions of this popular creation from numerous manufacturers. And consumers wanting to try it are in a dilemma with what expanding hose to purchase. The 78seven Brands’ expandable […]

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78Seven’s Expandable Hose: A User Review

Is the new gardening tool, the expandable hose, a must-have for homeowners? Homeowners usually require the aid of a water hose for their chores, like washing the car and watering the plants. But using the normal garden hose for these tasks is actually a lot of work. Imagine carrying the heavy and bulky hose from […]

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FAQs on the Popular Expandable Garden Hose

The popularity of the expandable garden hose has reached far and wide. And seeing it on TV shopping channels has help people acknowledge this fairly new innovative garden tool. Many are quite welcoming with this addition to their gardening tools. But some are a bit skeptical. If you are curious, interested or just want to […]

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Reach Every Nook and Cranny Around Your House with the Expanding Hose

Get around your house up to 50feet farther or more with the amazing expanding hose. If that’s not reason enough to get this newest offering in garden accessories, then read on. Using the old, traditional garden hoses does not usually reach farther, deeper spaces and make you use other tools to get water where you […]

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Get an Expandable Hose and Save Time, Money and Effort at Home

Why get an expandable hose when the usual ones can deliver the same purpose? Even a pail can do the job in getting water around your home and garden. And a traditional watering can will water the plants in your garden just as much as an expandable hose can. These are some of the thoughts […]

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