Drop that Old Hose and Get Yourself an Amazing Expandable Hose

The recent addition to your gardening tools, the expandable hose, has got quite a reputation. Some welcome it joining their garden and sing its praises but some raise eyebrows and doubt its functionality. Although you may hear negativities regarding this innovative tool, you cannot disregard the amazing benefits this quality product can give you. It […]

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Expanding Hose and It’s Uses

The advantages of utilizing an expanding hose, with it is tough and light-weight building making it excellent for using around also the greatest landscapes a clear good for utilizing an increasing hose, may be prolonged beyond sprinkling the garden. They are able to also be prolonged past the useful life-span of the expandable hose itself. […]

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Get Your Flexible Hose and Start the Healthy Habit of Gardening

Not everyone understands why investing in the most durable expandable hose is a necessity for those who love gardening. If you haven’t tried spending a certain amount of time in your garden regularly, you surely won’t see the need for such a useful gardening tool. It’s also likely that you’re not aware of the many […]

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Common Mistakes Even Users of the Best Garden Hose Make

There is no such thing as a perfect gardener, but thankfully, the best garden hose exists in the market which can help even beginner gardeners tend to their gardens properly. However, you can’t always rely on your garden tools and equipment to improve your garden. It’s important that you also learn how to be a […]

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What to Look for in a Good Quality Garden Hose Pipe

With the wide variety of options to choose from and the obvious difference between different brands of garden hoses, it becomes way too tempting to go for the cheapest garden hose pipe. What many consumers don’t realize is that even the smallest differences can have a significant effect on the lifespan of the hose and […]

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Garden Hose as Seen on TV

For gardeners of all abilities, one essential tool for the maintenance of the garden is the expandable garden hose as seen on tv.  The flexible water hose, lightweight in design and easily stored due to its structure, is available at a variety of outlets, with 78Seven Brand having a range of different sizes available on […]

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